I am Reverend Linda Ketchum and my passion is working with couples like you to create a beautiful, meaning and unique ceremony that you will remember. We will create a ceremony that not only sets the tone for your wedding day but also sets it for your married life together.

I have 3 packages and the fees are based on the level of creativity and input that you desire in creating you ceremony. You will find details about the packages on the Wedding Packages and Fees page.

The Premium Package gives you the most creativity and input. I will provide lots of samples of readings and ceremonies and will either do or help with any research needed to find something that you may have seen or heard or that you want to be included in your ceremony. We work together to create something special and meaningful to you.  The pricing for this ceremony includes your rehearsal as well as all mileage.

In the Basic Package, you receive 3 ceremonies and can either choose one as is or mix pieces of the 3 to create something perfect for you. You can add pieces you may have found, but I do not do the research in this case. I will send the sample ceremonies after we have talked and I have a good idea of what you want in your ceremony.  There is an additional charge if you require a rehearsal and for mileage over 50 miles from my office.

I also have what I call my Justice of the Peace Ceremony.  After we have talked and I have an idea of what you want in your ceremony,  I pick a ceremony that works best for you. The pricing of this package is based on distance from my location.  The basic price is $125 if performed a place other than my home plus mileage over 30 miles from Troy OH.  Please contact me directly for pricing for your location.  There is also an additional charge for a rehearsal if one is required.

I am also certified in either pre or post-marriage counseling.  I do not require counseling prior to your wedding, but it is available if you request it.

Please contact me for specific pricing for your area and event.

Love and Light

Rev Linda
937-609-2802 is a good number for texting and phone calls